About us

We are a full service production company. As photo, film and video storytellers, we have extensive experience in food, wine and real estate, yet it’s our commitment to philanthropy that makes Creel Studio unique. We believe The Good Life is about more than just material comforts, it’s also about living a life marked by doing good. In illuminating all aspects of The Good Life we convey an enlightened sense of luxury lifestyle content.


Rinat Greenberg

Born and raised in the UK, Rinat has spent the last two decades working in Los Angeles while simultaneously clinging to her Liverpudlian accent for dear life. A people person, driven by relationships at any and all levels of a “call sheet,” she has worked extensively in the worlds of music video, commercial, film and still photography production.

She partnered with Leanna at Creel Studio in 2011 and has been running the day-to-day operations ever since.

Rinat and Leanna also happen to be married… to each other. Their union, one of Creel Studio’s best productions. 

Rinat is happiest hanging with her family, traveling, playing poker, cooking up a feast and reading every news source available online. Her matzah ball soup is award winning. Actually it’s not, but it should be.

Leanna Creel

Show don’t tell. This is Leanna’s approach to storytelling and life. Tapping into her vast experience in the worlds of documentary and narrative film, as well as, her many philanthropic endeavors, Leanna has built Creel Studio into one of the premier purveyors of visually compelling and emotionally engaging content in LA. 

Whether it is via her previous acting, writing, directing or producing, Leanna’s personal experience and inherent humanity find their way into each and every project Creel Studio undertakes. This is particularly true of her philanthropic endeavors which run the gamut from directing a documentary about the harsh realities of “Sanctuary Cities” to serving on the board of Phase One Foundation, a cutting edge charity focused on funding early stage cancer cures that have yet to be approved by the FDA. 

Although still recognized as the leather-jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding tough girl, “Tori Scott” on Saved by the Bell, Leanna, a mother of two, has finally traded in the Harley for a Vespa.  She lives in Hollywood with her wife, sons and their dog, who is rumored to be part lamb, part polar bear.